my favorite shows :3
im still conflicted where exactly to put su, toh and amphibia so theyre all at #1 rn
i will update each entry with more details as i have something to say abt them
entries marked with ? are ones i havent watched or finished yet
also not including anime here (at least yet) because thats like a completely different story

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1. steven universe peri.
1. the owl house king is too cute
1. amphibia i adore marcy and season 2 goes crazy and season 3 ending also goes crazy they like almost save the world with the power of k-pop im not even fucking joking right now
also the references are cwazy insanye and i am also going cwazy insanye aaaaaaaaa
and the rebecca sugar cameo and the fact that people from toh and gf worked on this too iorgjhsaiu
4. gravity falls classic
5. hazbin hotel rly liked poison
6. the amazing digital circus pilot a
7. lackadaisy pilot love the artstyle
8. star vs the forces of evil it gets bad after season 2 but idc i still enjoyed it
9. murder drones a
10. helluva boss didnt like it as much as hazbin hotel
11. infinity train not sure about its position, havent watched it in a while
?. adventure time i havent even finished season 1 as of writing this but i know rebecca sugar worked on this show and like everyone likes this show so it has to be good
?. regular show a
?. bluey seen a lot of ppl say its good
?. american dragon jake long recommended by a friend
?. bee and puppy cat also recommended by a friend