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my music library :3

here u can see the playlists i make for myself to listen to, when u click on a song u can listen to it !!
made by me and sbeve in like a few days by writing some atrocious code
also heres my last.fm !!!!!

ill probly be linking like anims or smth here instead of the actual songs for the listen links lol

some youtube links here have timestamps into a "full album" video but
im too lazy to specify ends so its just gonna start playing the next track in the album sry abt tht :p

playlist explanations:
Ev2 is my regular playlist ive been updating and listening to for years now
save. is a newer playlist that contains the calmer songs from Ev2 + some older calm songs that ive removed from Ev2
the Silly uwu nya gayest music evr !!!!,, used to be my current playlist but not anymore.. also i dont think it needs an explanation :3
su favs is my favorite songs from the steven universe osts sorted by roughly how much i like them,
also im too lazy to add decisive path here rn but i rly like it too

femtanyl and kd ftw !!!!!!!



artist - title
album artist - album
1/1 (disk: 1/1)
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